Welcome to Vivid

By July 19, 2016Anxiety, Food for thought
Vivid Psychology Calgary

Welcome to Vivid Psychology.  Vivid was created with a simple purpose in mind; to help people heal from past experiences, experience positive personal growth, and to help them to realize their strengths to live their best possible lives.  We believe that each of us has the ability to make positive change and that we are all deserving of the opportunity to live our lives in a healthier way.

So, why Vivid?  The definition of vivid is to make clear in the mind.  Often, people seek out help and support to gain insight on a problem, to work through solutions to obstacles, or to gain clarity from something that is bothering them.  This is where vivid came from; from a belief that all of us have the ability to see more clearly, whether it is our beliefs and values, our goals and dreams, or our path forward.

With these values in mind, we will support you in finding your clarity, your path, your strength.  We will help you to discover your strengths and abilities and help you to achieve your goals and objectives in a way that makes the most sense for you.

We will endeavour to blog on a regular basis on a variety of wellness topics, to provide information and resources, or to address some of the events occurring in our communities around us.