I have been doing a bit of reflecting on why I do what I do.  It has been a couple of years since I started Vivid Psychology and I have been thinking about what I had wanted for it and now what it has become.

I picked the name vivid because it was about clarity of sight.  For me, if we can find ways to see the technicolour parts of our lives, then we can engage more deeply, even if sometimes those vivid parts are more difficult emotions.  Vivid was and still is about finding a way to engage and be resilient within the complexity and breadth of our lives and of human experience.

Initially I created Vivid as a place for people to come to find engagement and wellness in their lives.  For me it was a place and space of peace that was free from judgment and criticism.  I think that Vivid has become so much more for me.  It has become more than just a space but an idea and mindset.  It is the clients that have made Vivid what it is, that have made this place and space feel alive and energized; a place of strength and healing.  I am continually amazed and humbled at the hard work my clients do to achieve their goals.  I am so honoured to be witness to their journeys and mind sets towards growth and well-being.

It is important for me to express gratitude for my clients and the work that they put in.  I also would like to express gratitude to my cheerleaders who have been supportive of Vivid and my own personal endeavours within my personal and professional life.

As I have watched Vivid grow, I have had the great fortune of working alongside such talented psychologists and just generally inspiring human beings.  I am deeply grateful to count Hilda and Nico as my colleagues at Vivid.  They inspire me with their own commitments and desire to support people.  I encourage you to reach out to them as well, as they are exceptional practitioners who have a great deal of compassion and wisdom.

Vivid has been a great vehicle for learning for me and I continue to learn every day from my clients and from my colleagues.  I am excited to see how Vivid continues to evolve and grow.