Career and Job Related Topics:

Many of us experience challenges in our careers ranging from dissatisfaction to job loss and transition.

If you have or are going through job loss, you may be experiencing a great deal of stress related to making ends meet financially, finding a new job in a difficult job market, and/or feeling a loss of confidence and ability in yourself.  Counselling can support you in finding a path forward towards finding confidence to seek and gain employment in a career that provides you financial and personal satisfaction and enjoyment.

You may be in a job that you are unhappy with or do not enjoy and may be fearful of starting a new job or uncertain of what career to move into.  You may be struggling with how to navigate the daily requirements and pressures within the workplace including interactions with coworkers, bosses, and other employees.  Counselling can help you to find enjoyment in your job, can support you in making a career transition and also to support you in enhancing your skills and abilities in navigating these obstacles.