Anxiety and Depression:

Most people will feel anxious or depressed at times in their lives. You may feel sad, discouraged, hopeless, anxious, nervous, or irritable. Often, these are normal reactions to difficult life situations. Learn More.


Stress is a normal occurrence in our daily activities.  It can become problematic when it begins to feel unmanageable or overwhelming. Learn More.

Sexuality and Intimacy

Sex and sexuality type concerns can include but are not limited to anxiety about sex, sexual desire, impotence, compulsions related to specific activities such as watching pornography, sex related addictions, and or high-risk sexual behaviour. Learn More.

Couples and Marital Counselling

Most couples will experience challenges and difficulties within their relationships.  Partners and couples may experience feelings of been misunderstood or not heard in their relationship. Learn More.

Career and Job Related topics

Many of us experience challenges in our careers ranging from dissatisfaction to job loss and transition. Counselling can support you in finding a path forward towards finding confidence to seek and gain employment in a career that provides you financial and personal satisfaction and enjoyment.  Learn More.


Self-esteem is the evaluation of ourselves and our feelings and beliefs related to our self-worth and capabilities.  Poor self-esteem is a negative evaluation of oneself and negative thought patters about who we are.  Learn More.

Health and Wellness

Our health and our wellness influences a great deal of things in our lives.  It affects how we can live our lives and how we can achieve our life goals. Learn More.

General Well-Being

How would you evaluate your life?  How positive do you feel about your future?  How motivated are you to achieve your goals? Are you hopeful or optimistic about your daily life, your activities, and your goals?  Learn More.

Group Counselling

Coming soon!  Learn More.

When you encounter challenges or obstacles in your life that interfere with your sense of well-being and you are considering to work with a counsellor I highly recommend that you consider Natalie.

--Registered Psychologist

Natalie has acquired considerable skills to help people navigate through life’s challenges, through her work as a human resource professional and a personal fitness trainer in addition to her education in psychology and training as a counsellor.

--Registered Psychologist

Natalie is an excellent listener and able to ask insightful questions that can help you discover new ways of looking at yourself in order to develop new skills to manage your situation better.

--Registered Psychologist