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Natalie Vandenberg

Owner, Registered Provisional Psychologist

“I am deeply humbled by the courage and bravery that my clients show every day in my office.  It is a privilege for me to hear their stories; to hear about their struggles and challenges, as well as their successes and achievements.

I believe that we can all experience growth and positive change within our lives and that we can find clarity of mind and heart.  I believe that we can find ways to live authentically and that we can find our voices and sense of belonging in our worlds.

I have experienced my own struggles with feeling like I was not making the difference I wanted in my life and made the decision to go back to school.  I wanted to find a way to help people in their lives in ways that I found lacking when I needed support.  It is my wish that every experience at Vivid feels supportive, non-judgmental, compassionate and is focused towards finding engagement, balance, and growth.”

Owner of Vivid Psychology and registered provisional psychologist, Natalie has spent over 15 years working within the business sector to help and coach employees within their careers as well as in their daily lives. Natalie has also acted as an advisor to business leaders, providing coaching and mentorship. Natalie has had the opportunity to work with diverse groups of people on a variety of outreach and non-profit initiatives in the communities of Northern and Southern Alberta.

Natalie has a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Calgary and her Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Calgary.

calgary psychologst

Hilda Leon

Registered Psychologist

“I always feel inspired by people’s resilience and their ability to overcome distressing events in their life. I am honoured to accompany my clients in their journeys and see them become stronger and healthier individuals, finding strength and hope even during the most difficult times. 

I believe counselling is a collaborative relationship characterized by trust, respect, compassion and acceptance. Your well-being is my priority, I offer you personalized and effective tools proven to improve personal well-being. I am committed to inspire you to discover new ways of thinking about yourself and your life and create the life you deserve.”

Hilda is a registered psychologist. She has a BSc in Psychology and a Master of Counselling from the University of Calgary. She has a focus on grief, anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, attachment and relationship issues. Moreover, she is certified in cognitive behavioral therapy and couple therapy.

She offers you a wide range of experience in several areas of mental health. Her work experience included bereavement counselling, family counselling, couple therapy, trauma and addition. She has worked for different non-profit organizations such as YWCA, Catholic family Services, Canadian Mental Health Association and Alberta Health Services – Adult addiction and mental health, as well as in private setting helping adults, couples and families. Her clients described her as knowledgeable, respectful, helpful, sensitive and patient. She also offers evening or weekend appointments in English and Spanish.

Dr. Melissa Stewart, Ph.D., R.Psych.

Clinical Psychologist


“On a daily basis, I am amazed and inspired by the strength and resiliency of individuals in overcoming distress and adversity in their lives, and growing as individuals. I strive to create a safe space for my clients to share their personal struggles, with the goal of assisting my clients in managing difficult emotions, thoughts, and behaviours, and increasing overall functioning and wellbeing.

 My approach to psychotherapy is highly collaborative in nature, with a focus on identifying client strengths upon which to build, along with identifying areas for improvement. Utilizing a range of evidence-based treatments and therapeutic tools, I assist my clients in working toward achieving their treatment goals, and living a more balanced, present-focused life, characterized by self-compassion, hope, and non-judgment.”   

Dr. Melissa Stewart is a registered clinical psychologist with Vivid Psychology. She received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Dalhousie University and completed her pre-doctoral clinical residency with the Calgary Clinical Psychology Residency Program. Prior to obtaining her doctoral degree, Dr. Stewart received her Master of Arts in Psychology from Carleton University and her Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology from the University of Prince Edward Island.

Dr. Stewart works with adults experiencing a range of mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, work-related stress and burnout, anger management, emotion regulation, and interpersonal/relationship difficulties. Throughout her career, Dr. Stewart has gained specialized training and experience in the above noted areas, and has provided assessment and treatment services to a broad client population in a range of different clinical settings.

Dr. Stewart looks forward to providing her specialized assessment and treatment services to the clientele at Vivid Psychology. She is also excited to provide clientele with assessment and treatment services geared toward their specific goals and has extensive training and experience with a variety of treatment modalities, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), mindfulness-based psychotherapies, Prolonged Exposure (PE), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), and Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART).

Dr. Anusha Kassan

Registered Pyschologist

“I believe that human connection can be an extremely powerful means of healing and I have a deep respect for people who take a chance and trust the therapeutic process. My love of psychology comes from a longstanding history of supporting the people in my life and I have a natural inclination towards understanding the human condition. I feel extremely privileged that my career path has afforded me the ability to teach and practice psychology as well as conduct research in the area of diversity – Something I am extremely passionate about!

I have a unique orientation to psychology. That is, I believe that the cause of psychological distress lies within our environment and broader society. I also think that everyone has the capacity to make positive changes in their lives. By exploring the aspects of our lives that are not serving us well, we can start to shift how we orient ourselves in the world. In parallel, I believe that adopting a strength-based approach, where we explore what it working well in our lives, can help solidify the changes we are working towards.”

Dr. Anusha Kassan is a second-generation newcomer to Canada who is originally from Montreal. She moved to Calgary with her family five year ago to purse a professorial position at the University of Calgary. She is a registered psychologist in the provinces of Alberta and Quebec. She completed her BA (honours) in Psychology at Concordia University, and subsequently pursued her MA and PhD in Counselling Psychology at McGill University. She completed her Pre-Doctoral Internship In Professional Psychology at the University of California, Irvine Counselling Centre.

Dr. Kassan’s clinical interests include anxiety, depression, grief, mindfulness, relationship difficulties, identity challenges, career orientation, work-related stress, and anger management, to name but a few examples. She provides services, in English and in French, to youth as well as adults. She works primarily from a systemic perspective, where socio-cultural and contextual factors are examined in relationship to mental health and well-being. She also draws on people’s strength and resilience to help them achieve their desired goals.

Over the past 20 years, Anusha has provided clinical services in a variety of settings, such as the Montreal Children’s Hospital, the McGill Psycho-Educational and Counselling Clinic, as well as the University of California, Irvine Counselling Centre. Prior to leaving Montreal, she also worked in private practice. She is excited to join the clinical team at Vivid Psychology and offer her specialized services to a diverse clientele in Calgary. Dr. Kassan’s clients, graduate students, and colleagues describe her as someone who is warm, empathic, collaborative, helpful, and supportive, and someone who maintains a good sense of humour and is easy to be around.

Nico Scholten

Registered Pyschologist

“If the challenges of life have become overwhelming, I am here to help. I am known for my ability to establish a trusting relationship in which you can share your story and gain insight and perspective.

I am a ‘senior’ psychologist with 45 years of experience working in virtually all levels within the fields of addiction and mental health. Relationships, addictions, trauma, anxiety and depression are my focus, and you finding the right partner for the counselling process is essential.”

Nico came to Canada from the Netherlands in 1967. He had a brief career as a teacher before going on to a career in Mental Health and Addiction Treatment. Nico was the Executive Director of a Children’s Mental Health Centre in Sarnia, Ontario and the founding CEO of Whitespruce Youth Treatment Centre in Yorkton, Saskatchewan; the first residential treatment centre for chemically dependent adolescents and their families in Canada.

Prior to retiring from Alberta Health Services, Nico was a Senior Clinical Specialist in Rehabilitation and Concurrent Disorders with Addiction and Mental Health Services. Presently, Nico works as a psychologist and counsellor and has a small private practice where he provides supervision and consultation to provisional psychologists.