Find your clarity

through collaborative, compassionate,
and confidential help.


Achieve your life goals

through professional and flexible counselling
and psychological services.


Supportive, non-judgmental

approach to find healing and well-being.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, afraid, stuck, or confused, Vivid Psychology can help you to find clarity and wellness in your life. We help people of all faiths, backgrounds, and genders on a wide variety of topics. Contact us now

“How Can We Help You?”

Vivid Psychology can help you on a wide variety of topics including depression, anxiety, stress, sexuality and intimacy, family and marital counselling, grief and loss, career, general well-being and many other topics.  Learn More.

“What is Vivid?”

Vivid Psychology is a group of professionals dedicated to helping people achieve wellness and satisfaction in their lives.  We conduct ourselves professionally and confidentially.  Working with a Vivid therapist means that you will have a team of professionals supporting you through your journey towards change.  Learn More.

Fee Information

We utilize the fee schedule set by the Psychologists Association of Alberta and may be covered by your benefit plan.  To align with our values of ensuring that therapy or counselling is accessible we may be able to negotiate fees on a sliding scale if required.  Please contact us for more information. Learn More.


producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind.   “memories of that time were vivid”

synonyms: evocativerealisticlifelikefaithfulauthenticcleardetailedlucid, eloquentstrikingarrestingimpressivecolorfulrichpicturesquedramaticlivelystimulatinginterestingfascinatingscintillating;

Calgary Stress Counselling Services

When you encounter challenges or obstacles in your life that interfere with your sense of well-being and you are considering to work with a counsellor I highly recommend that you consider Natalie.

--Registered Psychologist

Natalie has acquired considerable skills to help people navigate through life’s challenges, through her work as a human resource professional and a personal fitness trainer in addition to her education in psychology and training as a counsellor.

--Registered Psychologist

Natalie is an excellent listener and able to ask insightful questions that can help you discover new ways of looking at yourself in order to develop new skills to manage your situation better.

--Registered Psychologist